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Moments when you do not have to be anywhere else, or do anything but relax, are rare. At Le Spa Sereine we create these moments, and we cherish them. We invite our guests to arrive early, to take a few minutes, sip a cup of tea, enjoy a eucalyptus scented steam, and relax. We believe that sometimes all it takes to regain sanity is to slip out of a fluffy spa robe and into a mineral bath in our Japanese soaking tub.

We believe that relaxation is essential. It is integral to leading a balanced and fulfilled life. Conscious relaxation renews our energy stores. It replenishes our patience. When we allow ourselves moments of serenity, we are better to those around us and to ourselves.

Le Spa Sereine is dedicated to providing memorable experiences, and exceeding expectations through professionalism, warmth, and exceptional service. Our guests are taken on a nurturing spa journey, guided through a luxurious escape from everyday stress.

We are an oasis. Let us become yours.

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